Best State Parks In North Carolina: Black River In North Carolina To Get New State Park

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Quiet Holidays in North Carolina

I n a state where beauty has no bounds, one can miss out a lot if there isn't much time to explore! From magnificent waterfalls and parks to coastal plains, North Carolina has got the whole package! Let us take a look at some of the best State Parks in North Carolina.

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1. Jockey’s Ridge State Park

The geography of Jockey’s Ridge State Park is quite unique. You can definitely give some exciting experiences of recreation like hang gliding, sand boarding, kite flying and much more a try.

2. Mt. Mitchell State Park

At an elevation of 6,684, you are bound to encounter some exotic views. And the most exciting part, on a clear day, it can even go as high as 100 miles!

3. William B. Umstead State Park

5,500 acres of woodlands and greenery is just yearning to be explored! Camping, picnicking, fishing in the lakes, canoeing, and paddle sporting are just some of the ways in which you can enjoy your trip.

4. Lake Norman State Park

Are you a fan of hiking beautiful lakeside views? Have some fun and reconnect with nature at the same time! If you are a mountain biker and you are done riding there is a swim beach that is 125 yards long where you can relax while enjoying the cool breeze.

5. Hanging Rock State Park

Famous for its spectacular rock outcroppings and mesmerizing waterfalls, the Hanging Rock State Park is sure to fill your trip with excitement. It features two main expansive series of cliffs- Moore’s Wall and Cook’s Wall.

Also, if this is the first time you are visiting the great state of North Carolina, be sure to check out our simple and clear guide for every tourist.

Black River In North Carolina To Get New State Park

North Carolina has proposed a new state park along the Black River. A description from the office of the North Carolina State Parks states that the Cape Fear River's tributary is a hub of cypress trees aged more than 1600 years. The North Carolina State Parks Department announced public meetings that are targeted to ascertain the possibility of developing a new state park along the Black River that would cover Bladen, Pender, and Sampson. According to them, the Black River is a perfect destination for paddling. Private organizations such as The Nature Conservancy is protecting more than 14,000 acres of its shore. Black River is one of the best sites for watching and conservation of birds, photography, observation of wildlife and other scientific research. According to the fact sheet, the annual expenditure for running the park will be $200,000.

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