Must Do’s If Visiting North Carolina For the First Time

N orth Carolina is a hub of attractions and you will be amazed by the variety of attractions that wait for you. You should not dilly dally if at all you have hatched a plan to visit North Carolina. Exploring a new vacation destination can be a daunting task, but when it comes to North Carolina, you are spoilt for choice and you are the lucky one since attractive locations wait for you. I want you to consider two major beaches where you can have fun as well as the places to explore for maximum fun.

Carolina Beach

Has received various visitors across the ages and you will not be the first neither will you be the last one. The beach is an old-fashioned seashore fun that is housed on a vintage boardwalk that is full of pizza places and ice cream lodges. You will find an array of activities such as golfing, batting cages, walking along trails, biking, and hiking among others. You will be treated to some cool live music and the view of the Atlantic Ocean will awe you. You can paddle in the sea or just take a walk along the beaches herein. Carolina Beach is all yours to have fun and thrill to the maximum. Visiting North Carolina for the first time should not be reason enough to be dull. Launch out and have fun!

Carolina Beach Boardwalk

The Carolina Beach Boardwalk has been rated as a top awesome place to visit in the United States. It is a vintage icon that has featured in the favorite places to visit since the year 1887. Since it has been recently renovated, visitors to the beach will find the boardwalk interesting because of the donuts. Be ready to queue as you wait for the ice cream, seaside foods, fudge, and other amusement rides along the beach. There is weekly live entertainment here so you have no time to be downtrodden because of anything. Your spirit is always high.

Carolina Beach State Park

The natural beauty herein extends to over 760 acres. You will discover that there are dissimilar habitats as you walk along the trails and camp below the towering canopies of trees. You may also try casting your net into the fishing spots that are distributed around the beach. The park is also enjoined in the 100th celebrations of North Carolina.

Carolina Beach Lake Park

You are free to kayak or paddle in the Lake Park. It is of essence to let you know that the Lake Park has once been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records as being a freshwater lake adjacent to salt water. You may also take a stroll in the neatly trimmed path that goes round the lake. You will also find a gazebo, a picnic area, a playground, and some restrooms where you can unwind after spending your time around the Lake Park.

Kure Beach

A visit to Kure Beach will make you realize that this is a peaceful beach that is located in Carolina. It is the beach that houses one of the oldest fishing dock along the Atlantic Coast. It is a beach that gives you the reason to relax and unwind as you reconnect with your family and friends. It is a beach that will give you optimal fun and thrill even during winter. Coming to North Carolina for the first time? Ensure that you visit Kure Beach. Explore the aquarium and the beautiful natural scenery that will refresh your mind.

Fort Fisher State Recreation Area

This area touches the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. This park along the Kure Beach is home to over 6 miles of pristine and a developing beach that meanders through a salt marsh. It houses some of the world’s endangered species such as peregrine falcons, warblers, and hawks. Hike along the 1.1 mile path as you enjoy the educational events that are featured here.

Ocean Front Park

This is located at the heart of Kure Beach. It has a sidewalk, some rain gardens, and some swings. Be sure to engage in some activities such as dances and live music concerts. If you are coming to North Carolina for the first time, worry not. An array of thrilling activities await you.