Best Things to See on Maggie Valley, North Carolina

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E ven though Maggie Valley does not have a high population, it is located in a unique place, the Smoky Mountains, which makes it a wonderful hub of fun and thrilling activities. The Maggie Valley Opry is host to live music that is loved and adored by many. If you seek adventure, tour the zip lines at the Sky’s Ghost Town. The people who love cold weather can tour the Cataloochee Ski Area.

Both the young and the old are given equal treatment at the Soco Gardens Zoo. The zoo has tour guides to walk you round and visitors are given the rare chance of taking home a mystic souvenir. With these options including the Blue Ridge Parkway and Smoky Mountains National Park among others, Maggie Valley is the perfect place to explore. Among the other good places to see in Maggie Valley, consider visiting.

Cataloochee Guest Ranch

It is said that the Cataloochee Ranch is built on a wave of mountains and ranges. The mountains are said to be over 250 million years of age. This guest ranch is located within the bosom of the Maggie Valley and it is a hub of attractiveness in that many tourists flock the area to have a view of the expansive ranch. It is a great place to have fun with family or even to plan a romantic outing with your partner. North Carolina counts this as one of the main highlights of adventure and attraction. You are welcome to come and spend your time and you will never regret having invested time in Maggie Valley.

Cozy Creek Cottages

The cabins herein are nestled in a setting that is synonymous with the countryside. The Cozy Creek Cottages are located in Jonathan Creek across the championship golf course of Maggie Valley. These cottages have a full-fledged kitchen, a dining area, a family room that has a couch which can open and be a bed, and a bedroom. The bedrooms in cozy creek cottages have the capacity to accommodate eight persons, and the cottages also have a family room that can be used to for family leisure time.

Wheels through time Museum

This is the epitome of one of the premier collections across the world. It has the world records for rare American motorcycles and a unique array of one of the oldest automobiles of the nation. It is a prime site that is located 5 miles from Blue Ridge Parkway. It is a museum that has a collection of over 350 machines which have been manufactured from various models such as the Indian Excelsior, Harley Davidson, and Flying Merkel (a famous model). The rarest model of a motorcycle is housed here and there are various other machines that are located here such as hill climbing machines, dirt track racers, and board track racers among others.

Most of the visitors are thrilled by the unique displays here. The museum’s layout is more than just an arrangement of machines. It also has a feel of an old garage including some of the precious items that were kept in homes. It is an interesting place to be.

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