Our Story

North Carolina is home to over 10 million people and it is a quickly growing state. It is home to the Research Triangle, a vastly prolific pocket. The climate here is unique and you will be amazed by the kind of weather that will welcome you. Moreover, the economy of the state has grown tremendously over the past several years and a host of industries have moved their hubs of operations here. You may have considered relocating to North Carolina either due to workplace adjustments or maybe you have purchased a home here.

A Few Words

B arbecue in My Inn is a thriller. As an inn owner, you need to taste the distinct style of Barbecue in My Inn. You may not be a meat eater, but a visit to where I am based will proof to you of my uniqueness. I have perfected the art of preparing barbecues to ensure that I am not beaten by competition. Armed with qualified chefs, you will lick your fingers dry once you sample the barbecue meat that I offer. I offer barbecue made of fish, chicken, beef, mutton, goat meat, pork, and rabbit meat among others.

Security in my inn is taken with the seriousness it deserves. You cannot enter my inn without satisfying the necessary security checks. I am on the forefront in ensuring that our inns are safe by installing CCTV cameras in strategic areas. You will not be disappointed by the extent of the safety mechanisms that I have put in place.

The lodgings in my inn are clean, neat, and safe. I have employed a qualified and talented team of staff whose job is to ensure that all the rooms are up to standard. I have procured fast and efficient Wi-Fi for every room so that your stay in my inn may be a comfortable one.My inn is conveniently located near the airport so you can always catch the next flight without any difficulty. I have contracted taxi companies to ferry my guests to any place that they request. You will not need to pay the cab since the cost is included in your guest bill. My inn is also located strategically close to major shopping malls so that you can purchase all that you need without any struggles. Any guest to my inn will always come back with a smile.

Since North Carolina is a hub of technology, you cannot compare my online inn services with any other. The famous research triangle in North Carolina that encompasses University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University, and Duke University is located close to my inn. The Research Triangle will continue to shape the future of the state. In this regard, I always ensure that I work with the researchers in order to ensure that I provide the best food. Once you find yourself in North Carolina, make sure you sample the food I offer.

My inn is close to an array of entertainment and relaxation areas. Visit the Blue Ridge Parkway. You will be blown away by the unique design of the parkway. It is a well-known scenic, meandering roadway in the state. It cuts through North Carolina and Virginia and will lead you to the charming Blue Ridge Mountains. If you decide to drive along the parkway, you will notice areas to hike, dine, lodge, and camp along the way. There is a host of entertainment experiences that await you here. It is an iconic drive in the U.S. and you will enjoy viewing such areas as Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Shenandoah National Park. There are protected areas, trailheads, and wetlands with exhilarating scenes that you can explore. The parkway is every visitor’s dream since you can hike, play games, and have an exciting family outing. Visit this area and you will always desire to come back to North Carolina.

As an inn owner, I recommend that you drink the little coke for refreshments. I offer the coke with some tasty peanuts in my inns and you will love the taste. This is a unique combination that has not been seen in any other part of the world. Why should you fail to try the combination.