North Carolina Wines – The Ones You Must Try

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Did you know that North Carolina has a magnificent collection of wineries and vineyards that could put a Frenchman to the test? Well, it does!

But what makes North Carolina’s wine worth a trip to this otherwise gorgeous, mountainous locale, abundant in natural attractions? The perfect climate and soil conditions in the foothills region, secured from the cold by the majestic Appalachian mountains, result in some fine wine growing areas.

Whether it’s the Yadkin valley or any of the 5 dedicated American Vinicultural Areas, each has its own style and flavor of wine, enhanced further by the variety of North Carolina cuisine.

We chose some of the most interesting to share with you. Here they are, but before you pop open them you should consider one more thing…

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Sanctuary Vineyards 2016 Handcrafted Vin Orange Viognier

Fan of the citrus-y tang? Then the Vin Orange Viognier will tick off some boxes for you. But what truly stands apart is the refreshing and heady mix of peaches, apricot and lilies with drying tea tannins and a slight hint of dandelion.

Unique and exquisite, this white wine has 13% alcohol and is definitely worth a try.

Westbend Vineyards 2008 Terry Vintner’s Family Reserve Red

A medium-bodied earthy wine that weaves grounded flavors of leather, spice and wood, to create a romantic aroma that lingers well.

Suave and stylish, this Bordeaux-style red blend has 12.8% alcohol.

Divine Llama 2009 Semi-Dry Traminette

Like the name suggests, this semi-dry creation is an apple lover’s delight. This full-bodied wine has a pleasant yellow flower element and finishes dramatically.

Fragrant and full, this white wine has 12.5% alcohol.

Shelton Vineyards 2002 Riesling

A lighter though acidic number that performs a tango of lime and green apples on the tongue. If you like it sour and tangy, then this Riesling is for you.

Lean and bold, a white wine with 11.4% alcohol.

Biltmore Estate 2010 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

We chose this wine for its sophisticated flavors. It is full-bodied and dry but the amalgamation of berries, chamomile, cola and spicy anise produce intricate notes to be savored.

Stimulating and enigmatic, this deep red has 14.7% alcohol.

Raffaldini 2012 Riserva Montepulciano

Black fruit on the nose and berries on the tongue, upstage the toasted vanilla and peppercorn. A sip exposes lingering tannins and a hint of bitterness.

Sharp and powerful, this red wine has 13.9% alcohol.

Carmina 2011 Cuvée C Extra Dry (Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore)

Aromatically citrus, this sparkling wine rounds off well with peach and white pepper tones. The clever addition of Pinot Bianco gives it a clean, smooth and pleasurable essence.

Sparkling and fresh, this Italian white has 11.5% alcohol.

Flint Hill Chambourcin

This is an interesting French and American hybrid that tastes so natural. It’s a wonderful deep earthy red with cherry and spice hints.

Hence, this list includes wines from a variety of wineries and vineyards in North Carolina and frankly speaking covers only the tip of a massive iceberg! But a good place to begin… 

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